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Chiki’s Chase is a cute action game about a chicken, Chiki, armed with a powerful squawk that can defeat enemies in their path. Rampage through an endless desert that becomes tougher the farther you go. But don’t worry, Chiki gets tougher too - randomized upgrades are unlocked with progress in every play through, keeping things challenging and exciting. Every play through is a new experience!

Gameplay showing barrels exploding

Over 15 Upgrades

Plenty of upgrade combinations make running and gunning exciting and catered to your play style.

The upgrade select screen

Enemies & Obstacles Everywhere

New and harder hurdles keep coming as you make your way deeper into the desert. Later levels need a ton of concentration and patience!

Gameplay showing enemies firing at you

Try Again and Again

The game isn’t over, as long as you picked up enough coins to buy a retry! Start again at the last checkpoint to gives things another shot.

Gameplay showing that the player just died :(

Free Forever

No cost, ads, or in-app purchases. We just like making games and want you to enjoy ours!

Help Us Out - We’re still developing this game, so you get to be one of our earliest users. We care about your experience - any feedback would be greatly appreciated!